Our Core Principles

Chandler Macleod, Core Principles, Values, Priniciples

We Empower People

We respect and recognise the importance to retain strong sustainable relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their culture and heritage. We embrace diversity and commitment to build long term sustainable partnerships within our communities.

We Respect One Another

We respect the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, background, history and experiences. We recognise and respect the values of the skills and uniqueness that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders bring to the workforce and communities.

We Do the Right Thing

We are committed to providing the opportunities that will have long lasting benefits socially and economically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their family and community.

We Step Up and Own It

Through governance, tracking, progress and reporting we can define the need for resources, refine the systems for deliverance and increase the impact of our actions.