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‘Solid Start’ is about giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people the best foundation to start their career paths. Our vision is to improve the socio-economic circumstances of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through education, employment and training. We are determined to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation in our workforce and client workforces.

The meaning may be simple:

Solid: firm, hard or compact,
Start: beginning, move or setting out on a journey

But the intended impact for individuals can be profound. Solid Start is about giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people the best foundation to start their careers. We are committed to employment opportunities that will have long lasting benefits, not only socially and economically for the individual, but their family and communities.

At Chandler Macleod Group we passionately believe diverse workforces empower individuals and organisations to fulfil their full potentials. We recognise that supporting diverse workforces requires specific processes, support and foundations to provide a solid start to a long-lasting career and commercial successes.

By valuing the ideas, experiences and abilities of each person (selecting for attitude and aptitude using our BestFit™ method) we minimise bias and maximise diversity of talent and knowledge.

Our core principles embody our shared commitment to fairness and equity, ensuring people are treated with dignity and respect. Our policies outline our commitment to creating an environment that is free of discrimination. Our leaders are committed to reducing barriers in our workplaces, our clients’ sites and in the broader community.

Building a Solid Foundation to Unleash Potential

With the support of our team of Indigenous Strategy Managers we provide a suite culturally appropriate services to help you unleash the diversity potential in your organisation.